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  • Morning.

    I like this case a lot. It's a regular hard case with JB style interior, but not as plush. No tubes.
    Then they added the soft tent like pouch to one side. But the case is one piece. Only two drawbacks are: the shoulder strap, I find it uncomfortable, it doesn't lay over my shoulder well; but I only walk from the parking lot into the hall so no problem; and the interior for the cues is deep and I open the top all the way and carefully insert the shaft and butts so as not to have them strike each other. Not a problem; I'm just super careful with my cues.

    If you get it, you'll have more space then you'll ever need.


    I was born in Bontang and lived in Jakarta till '89. Been in the states ever since then. Now I'm just "Drinkin, Smokin, Straight West Coastin!"
    Hey samiun
    Cue is being great!! You know what...I used to addict American Custom, But you brought me, changed mine! Actually, We Asian play pool by Asian Cue maker' cues, is make sense to me! Sometime American cue is heavy for me, thier grip is too thick...of course, I still addict them..Laugh Thank you!!
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