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  • I thoguht i replied to this grace...apparently it didnt go thru. Ill defintly try to promote the product a little.. In addition to the pool room owners I know 2 or 3 guys with tables at home that could be interested in them. As far as arranging a pick up for them.. I know someone who should be going to the 404 this weekend (Nov 23) at Bigwigs. Chris Bateman, you may kn ow him, he said he'd have no problem bringing them back to me if you were there..
    Hello again Grace, is willy hermoza and tony butera......remember? we run the 20k tour out of s ontario
    Hi there, first of all thank you for your interest. I need to know who you and more details on your event first before I disclose pricing. I may also be interested in being a part of your event. Please send me an email gracenakamura@gmail.com.

    Im looking at running a border battle sort of thing between the Belleville and Trenton pool halls and I was interested in using rack tight for the tables that I plan on using. Its looking like I would need 5 sets, just wondering how much I would be looking at should I choose to go with it..

    Thanks Grace
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