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  • Chris, Sorry but I never notice my messages and never saw yours from May concerning awards etc. We always do trophies, 8 years now. I buy from every year and build them. Save lots, but lot of work. With 2 leagues finishing this past May I had to build 265 of them. We also give away around 2500 - #k in gifts, cues, cases, ball set etc. even Flat screen TV etc. Thought about plaques this year but cost more than the trophies.

    On the CSI 2016 BCA National page right click on the current entries frame. Then choose view source or view frame source (depending on your flavor of browser). Scroll down to the [#DivisionID] section. You are looking for a list that looks like;

    {"Text":"W8S Women\u0027s 8-Ball Singles","Value":"75e912e2-b548-46c7-b6f3-f716911a74de"},{"Text":"W8SS Women\u0027s 8-Ball Senior Singles","Value":"c1b71a4f-acff-495e-8458-e3e2ef6e5eaf"},{"Text":"M8S Mixed 8-Ball Singles","Value":"39b97be2-e414-4411-acb0-dc173256b784"},

    It will have all the division names and ID's.
    Replace the division ID # in the bracket link with the division ID you want.

    I hope you didn't mind that I stole (partially) your thread heading for my thread about the Trophy division. :)
    You do a great job on the Fargo Break downs for singles and team.
    I assume you are a PC wiz such as my self.

    Are you aware how to "gleen" the web address to the CTS on demand brackets before they get posted?
    Such as this one;

    It doesn't show the bracket yet, but it does show how many teams are in it (thus far).
    It will show the brackets in do time, sometimes before it is released on the CTS homepage.

    Hello, Sorry but never saw your message until just now. Can you email me at , I will send you a picture etc.

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