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    SBE live stream?

    According to the website it's officially a matchroom sports nineball tour ranking event. One would think that comes with an incentive to add some media coverage and a live stream, but I guess not.
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    US OPEN Championships $45,000 Added Las Vegas April 3-14, 2022

    Why did Matchroom schedule the World Pool Championships at the same time as the US Open 8-ball and one pocket events?
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    One pocket WWYD - After Break

    I totally agree with the previously mentioned 14-ball bank. Risky, but you're in deep trouble. Looks like your opponent pulled of the perfect break. How did he manage that? Tilt the rack? There's also the ultra aggressive 14 into the 13 and drag the cb up table to the corner on your opponents...
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    Looking to get a new case.

    I had a chat with Dinko from Croatia, but unfortunately he wasn't able to build what I wanted. I ended up buying a Volturi Brogue II – Black & Saddle Tan. $580 including shipping. It looks amazing and the quality is excellent.
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    Any updates on World results?

    The world is doing pretty ok. It's the people in it that are having issues.
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    Looking to get a new case.

    I don't think shipping is going to be that bad. Maybe another $50. It's the 25% on the item value they charge me when it gets here that really hurts. I just got my 30" custom revo shaft. With shipping, taxes and everything it ended up costing me almost $800. 🤬
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    Looking to get a new case.

    I've had a Leather Instroke 3x5 for 20 years and even though it still holds my cues just fine, It's really starting to look like it needs to be retired. I've been fine with the wear and tear before, but a friend mentioned that It really doesn't look that pretty anymore and I guess I've come to...
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    What pool table is this?

    I need help identifying this table.
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    Predator Uni-Loc Weight Cartridge Kit

    Well aware of that, but he's played with the meucci cue for 40+ years. You know what they say about old dogs and tricks.
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    Predator Uni-Loc Weight Cartridge Kit

    A friend of mine bought a really nice Predator cue about a year ago and recently bought the weight cartridge kit to try and match the weight of his old Meucci cue. He maxed out the cue but still wasn't happy. My question is what material the weight bolts are made of, and would it be possible to...
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    Predator Revo 12.9 30" 5/16x14

    I'm looking to get a 30" predator revo 12.9 for my Prather. Pretty sure it's a 5/16x14 joint. I would prefer the one with the black vault plate. Where can I get one of those and how much is it?
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    Scott Frost - Efren Reyes 2016 DCC One pocket match

    Scott Frost - Efren Reyes 2016 DCC One pocket match - SPOILER ALERT! So Accu-stats published another one pocket match on youtube the other day. Great match featuring Efren and Scott in a short race to 3 from the 2016 DCC. I just loved the ending. Efren rolling in a long tough cut and...
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    Derby City Classic 2021

    So I just booked my stay at the Caesars Southern Indiana for the Derby City Classic in January. What do you guys think? Is it going to happen? Will this horrible pandemic be a bad memory by then? Are all the great players going to be there?
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    I own the domain and have done for the last 10+ years. I've never really used it for much though. Mostly just email and a Direct Connect hub for pool related videos back when that was a thing. It would be nice to do something creative with the domain, but I really have no idea...