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    David Paul Kersenbrock info

    I know Ed Young was helping David make cues I was wondering if David is still making cues I don't have his contact information
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    David Paul Kersenbrock

    I know Ed Young helps David make cues but is David still making cues or no
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    Does anyone have a contact number or email for Michael Givens aka Michaelangelo I know he doesn't make cues anymore.
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    Valley pool table parts

    I recently purchased a Valley table late 80's with the D leg and 2 of them the bolt is bent probably from doping the table while moving it, I cant lower or raise the feet nor lower them so I'm looking to purchase some used ones I went online to Valley and they just have the new legs. PM me if...
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    2013 Ted Harris

    I have a super nice Ted Harris with cocbolo forearm and but black lizard wrap 2 shafts both just over 13mm, 20oz cue is in excellent condition asking $1,000 ill pay shipping or best offer. pm me. Getting married next month and need the money to pay for the wedding I also have a Joss with 2...
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    Pete "Omen" Ohmen

    I have a nice Omen for sale this cue I have had for 6 years the forearm is tulipwood as well as the but sleeve the handle is stacked brown leather wrap, 4 matching shafts two of them are standard length and the other two and 1 inch longer. I'm not quite sure what this cue is worth so I am taking...
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    Paul Dayton F.S.

    I have a beautiful Paul Dayton Cue that I bought here on AZ a while back and now I have a beautiful baby girl and now my priorities are towards her now and I need a little money so im selling a few cues, This cue is birds eye maple forearm and handle with cocobolo points and but sleeve. Weight...
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    pool game show

    There was a game show about 10 years back maybe earlier there were 4 people that would bet on racks or shots. It didn't last very long but I tried Google and Bing and can't find it does anyone on AZ remember it?
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    tournaments near biloxi

    Im going to be in Biloxi Mississippi the weekend of Thanksgiving and wanted to see if there was any tournaments near there, I'm posting here because I posted in the tournament forum before and had no luck so I figured I would try the main since it has more members viewing on a daily basis. PM me...
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    6 point Pete Ohmen (Omen)

    I have a nice 6 point Omen, 3 high 3 low with a stacked leather wrap. 19 oz. Butt: 29 3/8 inches long Shaft 1: 13.5mm 30 inches long Shaft 2: 13.5mm 30 inches long Shaft 3: 13mm 29 inches long Shaft 4: 13mm 29 inches long $1,200 firm Price reduced again.
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    help finding my old Mobley

    I ran into some tough times several years ago and had to sell my Mobley, it was the only thing of value I owned, it was worth more than my car lol, now things are looking up I have a great job and a new fiance, I need some help finding this cue the last time I was in Vegas was for the BCA event...
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    looking for a particular Mobley

    I sold this cue with the intention of buying it back, the owner changed his number so I need some help, he is a cue collector from California, this Mobley has red lizard wrap and has a sword in each point, it was made in 95 and redone by Randy in 2005. I know it is a long shot but any help would...
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    Port Charlotte Fl. bar box tournament

    Valentin Massacre Open 8-Ball Tournament Qs sports bar and girl 4030 Tamiami Trl #A Port Charlotte Florida 33982 941-764-6969 Intersection of US41and Gardner $500 Added based on 32 players Date: Saturday, February 11, 2012 Time: 11am check in, Calcutta at noon sharp Entry: $35, plus $10...
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    Port Charlotte, Fl. bar box benifit tournament

    Q's Sports bar and girl presents the Owens family benefit pool tournament. Jamie Owens is a local league player (APA and ACS) and his family lost everything in a fire, home and all so we are having a benefit 8-ball tournament for my friend. Q's sports bar and girl 4030 Tamiami Trl #A Port...
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    SW Florida bar box tournament results

    We had a decent turn out, 17 players from up and down the west coast. The final results are: 1st.Ken Coulter from Punta Gorda gets $350 2nd. Tim Baron from Sarasota gets $200 3rd. Bill Eisenhart from Sarasota gets $100 4th. Albert Baker from Punta Gorda gets $70 5th. Buddy Folberth from...