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  • On June 22 , you commited to buy a cue case . It's now 11th of July and still no payment . You said " I'll send it when I get home " , you also said " I will have my son pay for the case . " Still no payment . What gives ??? Be carefull who you deal with . Jim
    It might be cue 95.........its the sharp point one.....Runde era i hope.......(724) 914-5795......vince thanx
    could iget the price on # 89...........thanks........let me know even if its gets sold thanks...(724) 914-5795 vince
    #2. Burton Spain. $5000.00 # very rare southwest 1993 dpk and Franklin collaboration.. 3800.00 firm already turned down 3400
    hello....i was wondering what the two cues next to the Joss West were , and if they are for sale , how much......thanx vince
    Hello down there in Delaware.....picked up the package at ups, this case is cool as all get out. Thank you so very much. I love the thing. I once had a soft side case that I reallllly loved. This case is very similar and keeps a cue nice and warm and cozy. Much appreciated. Once I get a cue maybe I can head to Delaware and we can hit some balls for a bit. Have a great weekend.
    If you had to guess, what year would that j flowers case I bought from you be from? You wouldn't believe how many compliments that case has gotten in this short time.

    Good afternoon Mark,

    My preference would be to do paypal. I believe for both our sake, its easiest way to track the money and the product. If we cant do paypal, then regretfully I will have to withdraw from the offer. I thought everyone did paypal or some type of 'wire transfers'. Im a 'youngster' when it comes to az sales. This is my first time coming across this form of payment. Im not a fan of it as a buyer. Let me know what we can or cant do. Thanks for listening.

    Cues. Ben Greene. Jack Madden. DpK. Libra. Blevins. Madison Bob.

    Break cue ben Greene

    Cases instroke. Its george. Porper. Jim Walker
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