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  • Sev,

    JimmyG asked if it was OK to hang onto undeserved prayers! Truth is his back and knees are giving him hell and he loves to play tennis. Like all of us he can feel the years starting to crowd him! He can't see that thread but I updated him.

    Hang in there. An ear or shoulder always available. I know you are making some hard adjustments right now.

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    I am sure there is enough to go around.
    JimmyM is laughing about it. So perhaps my error was a small blessing.


    I want you to refrain from using my name in anything you type on this forum for the rest of your life take the quotes down and don't post about me ever again.
    It was wonderful thanks.
    Spent the week down the shore in Ocean City NJ with the whole family together, grandkids and all.
    Didn't put shoes on once.
    Hope you enjoyed yours too.
    Hey Sev,

    Could you email me at in regards to having a website built?
    Hey Sev,

    I am looking into having a website built and I was curious if you could email me for some more information? My email is


    Yes sir that is family, or most of them are. That was at my wedding in 2004. I had more than 400 people including the SWAT team and member of City Hall. I want you to know that I enjoy your post find them fair and balanced. I mean that in a good way.
    I tried to green rep you for your response to Sofla on the archeology thread, but I have to spread more rep around first.
    I wanted to say what you did, but it sounded much better that you said it.

    Happy Channukah Sev. Be well.
    Hondo and SF are in a spittle spewing rage over the new BDC member.
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