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    should pro tournaments ban the jump cue?

    Sorry. Shouldn't say "every". The vast majority of high elevation jump shots will result in the cue ball grazing the shaft of the pool cue a second time. I must watch my hurried messages when I don't have time. Some super slow motion video would really be nice. I think there's probably some...
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    should pro tournaments ban the jump cue?

    Every jump shot results in a double hit. So, technically, they're all fouls.
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    should pro tournaments ban the jump cue?

    You must play with Ted H and Gord B out that way. Two guys I have played for years. I know your LO as well. Craig is an awesome guy. Tell him Shawn says hi.
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    should pro tournaments ban the jump cue?

    OPPL is CCS. Where did you play Masters? I played in Halton and Peel. My team won last year in Halton, and still in the hunt to defend. My team in Peel won this year. CCS never allowed jumps before - guessing it's either a regional rule, or they just started this year, since I played the league...
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    should pro tournaments ban the jump cue?

    Some of us can get out without needing a jump cue. The dynamics of the game were just fine before and after the jump cue. One question - which league are you playing in, that allows jump cues? Local leagues in Ontario? OPPL doesn't allow them. Neither does the CPA. Is this a house league...
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    should pro tournaments ban the jump cue?

    I'll end the debate right now. Forget the argument about the short cue. I have no issues with jump cues. Where I take issue is with the tips that are being used. I can take the world's best jump cue, cut off the phenolic or G10 (or insert your favourite synthetic tip here), install an Elkmaster...
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    should pro tournaments ban the jump cue?

    Your logic is so flawed, I don't know where to start....
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    What has happened to quality at Schon?

    It pains me to write this thread. I have been a longtime fan of Schon. I recently took delivery of a new Schon about two months ago. When I got it, I noticed some issues with the joint. The pin wasn't installed on center. Now, if this was a $200 cue, I wouldn't complain. A $1k cue? Yeah, that's...
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    FS: Mezz PB2, BK3, Mezz CP-13SW/CM, EDC, Rick Howard

    This is the first of my offerings, as I am clearing out everything that I have, as pool is no longer a prioriry. So, here are the offerings. More details pictures are available. Please PM me for details. 1. Mezz PB2 with Deep Impact 2 shaft. In awesome condition, aside from two small marks...
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    Does anyone have Jules Patterson's (EDC cues) contact info?

    I'm trying to get in touch with Jules about having a cue made. I have posted in other sections, but have yet to get any responses with any contact info. Does anyone have a number or email address for Jules?
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    EDC cues - Jules Patterson - contact info?

    Does anyone have Jules' contact information?
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    Ginacue pleads guilty
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    FS section needs a massive's an idea

    I used to like looking in the FS section to see what was kicking around. Over the past couple of years, the FS section has become 95% cue brokers, and the guy that's just trying to unload one or two of his used cues gets pushed back to page 12 in no time. So here's my idea - subsections. The...
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    Has the quality difference between "custom" and "production" become negligible?

    Has the quality difference between "custom" and "production" become negligible? Having recently took some time off from pool, and getting back into it, I ended up having to look at my cue inventory, and started horsing around with different manufacturers and custom cues. Perhaps, 10-20 years...
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    My "pay it forward"

    AZ, I got a divorce from pool last year, and now it's time that I split up our assets. I will be selling cues and various accessories. There is, however, something in my collection that I'm not going to sell. I'm actually going to give it away. I'm not telling what it is. All I am looking...