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    Ridgeback rails out of business?

    Last time I called, they said they were moving their operation to another state and were planning to resume production ASAP.
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    USPS is close to being a third world delivery service now

    You don't want that. All it does is extend the time that the tracking numbers will work via their tracking page. (they eventually expire)
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    Need help with a Valley table.

    I thought that's why they called them VALLEY tables! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: They do tend to sag, and create a valley in the center. I usually shim them up as far as I can, but you end up with the rails a little high near the side pockets. Most people would rather have it closer to level though.
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    can remove epoxied weight bolt? if so, how?

    I like to put a T-handled allen wrench into my bench vice, then put the cue on it and twist the #$%& out of it with both hands. If that fails, you're probably better off just finding another cheap cue.
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    Anyone know what type of table this is?

    Looks a lot like a Valley, but I've never seen one with legs or cabinet corners like this.
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    USPS is close to being a third world delivery service now

    I had a couple of things delayed back in November or so, but it has been working great for me lately. Last package I sent priority mail was delivered the very next day. Their "Informed Delivery" service is great, I get tracking notices for anything I want, either going out or coming in. You...
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    Inspired thoughts by Kelly's 3 wing cutter thread....

    Great post, this is important stuff if you want quality. If you sand more than a couple thousandths you're doing it wrong, in my opinion. I often sharpen my 3 wings by hand, but I do try to keep the cutters concentric. I leave them in the holder, and chuck them up in the lathe then dial indicate...
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    Everybody Cores SHAFTS , Yes? 👽

    I would do it for you if I wasn't very busy and didn't have the proper gun drill. Good luck finding someone. Don't let the negative nancies get you down, if you want purple heart in your maple shaft, you go for it!
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    Dust collector monitor

    Get that thing outside of the shop. Build a small shed and pipe it in.
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    What a Mess

    The brush on the side of the roomba cleans under the rails really well. We just recently got a small hand held vacuum that we sometimes use for the tops of the rails, and light touch up on the bed, but we also wipe the rail tops each time, and that can get the top of the cushions as well.
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    Wood filler?

    Bore it out oversized. Plug, then bore the plug to retain low deflection properties. Top with a lightweight ferrule that has a cap. Epoxy is good.
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    How to make a carbon fiber shaft more slick?

    Denatured is a lot more toxic, just keep that in mind. Occasional contact with it is probably going to be ok, but I wouldn't want to get it on my skin or breathe the fumes too often.
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    What a Mess

    I've bought more than a dozen of them now, and never paid more than $140! This one might have been used twice, practically brand new.