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  • You can't get a FANCY fine custom cue for that money, but YES, you CAN get an excellent cue. The words custom and fine do not apply exclusively to expensive cues. IMO what makes a cue fine is the quality of the hit, the feel of the cue in your hand, the quality of the materials and the quality of the workmanship. A simple cue having no veneers or points, just basic rings, a finished wood handle, a solid maple shaft and a quality tip can be a very fine cue and very reasonably priced. Cost is reduced by eliminating the frills and vanity features, not by skimping on the quality of the materials and craftmanship. If you can't afford the frills and vanity features, forget about them and go for the quality hit. If the cue doesn't hit well and feel right, the frills and vanity features don't count for anything! You are welcome to contact me at to continue the commercial aspects of this discussion that don't belong in this forum (as I understand the rules).
    Hey Kris,

    You beat me to it! I was watching the Vid from MaxEberle on Youtube with Garten Bierbower speaking about Don Willis, great stuff..

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