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  • Thanks, I played at LV cue club as well. The owner, Henry infact gave me a ride back to the airport. Played there for 4 -5 hrs everyday for 5 days. Fun fun. Do you know how much they(the club) paid for that table? And what brand? Cheers
    It was fun playing with Kyle. I think I had too much of a home court advantage for him. But let him know that he's welcome to try his luck again *laughs*
    Where did you play in Vegas? I was just there at the LV cue club to play in the US snooker tour.
    Anyway, I'm sorry to say it's getting harder and harder to find tables for sale. The new club here in Houston (Champions Snooker) is getting their third table shipped from New Hampshire! Some times you can get lucky and find a club that is selling theirs. I'll let you know if I hear of any.
    Just to let you know the 12' in Boogies (north Houston) is gone. The only place to play in this area is now Caspers (other than my house), although there are still a couple 10 footers around.
    Good luck!
    Thanks Drsnooker,
    Infact, i was going to drive down to Houston a few weeks ago just to play on a 12 ft table. Eventually did not. Next time, I think about it, I will e-mail you. Thanks again.
    The short answer is not as far as I know. I have been coached (in Europe) and know a bunch of the tricks and things to look at, but am by no means a real coach. However, I'm always looking for people to play snooker with, so if you find yourself in the Houston area let me know!
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