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  • No problem, Scott. I really enjoyed watching your run - you sort of got tied up in that last rack with the 1 and 7 to get on the break ball. Having the cue ball positioned past the side pockets on the break shot is always a recipe for disaster, but you dealt with it pretty well. That last ball, you just missed it. It happens. Great run - you should be proud!
    Thanks Bill for the kind words. I learned the game in college from a guy that was very adamant that you need to keep your run clean. It was a good lesson to learn.

    The guy used to spot me 100 balls in a race to 150 and I never beat him. I watched him run 150 and out on me one night. It was at that point, I figured it was probably a good idea to listen to him.
    Watched your video today, nice run. You have a good straight pool game, nice pace, don't run into balls much when you don't have to, good patterns.

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