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    cushion nose height vs ball midpoint

    I`ve read that the correct contact point of the cushion should be 1 7/16"above the bed.The midpoint of a 2 1/4"ball is 1 1/8".Why wouldn`t the optimal contact point be the exact center of the ball,rather than 5/16 above center?Obviously,the 1 7/16 nose height is correct,but the physics of it...
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    hide glue for recover?

    Since I`ve used it for years on piano work,I`m thinking of using it to recover my Anniversary,grabs strong and quick,and is easily remelted with an iron.Any caveats? Thanks.
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    For sale? List the price!!!

    Is there a point to making a buyer PM you for the price?It`s annoying and prohibited on many other forums with For Sale categories.If you`re looking for the highest bidder,that`s an auction...there should be a separate category for that.
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    Granito cloth

    Does anyone have experience with the Granito grade cloth made by Gorina? Was wondering if it might be a good choice for my Anniversary table,I think the rail rubber may have hardened a bit. Thanks.
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    rail cushion facings

    Why are they necessary? Don`t the manufacturers of cushion rubber make them long enough to produce tight pockets?Did the Anniversary and GC tables used for tournaments in the 50`s and 60`s have their pockets tightened with facings,or is this a more recent development. Thanks.
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    WTB Gibson cue rack

    I was told that Brunswick has discontinued this rack,hoping to find one used or in a dealer`s stock.Any leads appreciated.Thanks.
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    Playing with a warped cue

    I guess everybody does,since nothing is perfect,but I was wondering how much warp is acceptable by good players.Is 1/16" of daylight under a high spot cause for abandoning a favorite cue?In theory,it shouldn`t matter since the tip should return to the same spot on impact regardless of the...
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    WTB Gibson cue rack

    I`m looking for a "Gibson" model cue rack,made by Brunswick.Looking for used,as the $999 sticker for a new one is out of my reach. Thanks.
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    Table tech in North Jersey

    I just bought an Anniversary table,and was wondering if anyone services the Warren County/Easton area. Thanks.