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  • Sir
    I have no idea what upset you. I seldom post. Please be specific about whatever it is that has you upset and I will be glad to respond.
    Been busy with the new job. I've only been on the waves twice this summer, been too tired, lol. Been back and forth to Austin 3 times this year and getting ready to go back. How you been Doing? I don't get on AZ much other than to browse the wanted/for sale section.
    What's the matter buddy? Don't like facts? If you think pool is a sport you should get out more. Did Websters definition of a sport bother you? People sure do hate facts.
    The weather here finally let up, instead of 110 degrees, it's gone down to about 88. That's better Sk8 weather for me. The surf has been going off from last months offshore hurricane and this weeks offshore tropical depression. To hit some major waves we have to go up to Wilmington NC area about an hour north. Where's the big D at? Ron
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