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    Local Vegas Tournaments

    Going to be in Las Vegas Nov. 16-20th (Friday-Tuesday) Where are the local tournaments Thanks
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    Schmelke R050

    I found a Schmelke R050 available for purchase for about $100. I know nothing about Schmelke cues and was wondering what anyone's thoughts were. Thanks in advance.
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    Pool playing dog I don't know if I could handle his woofing :roflmao:
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    Anyone know this guy?

    Does anyone know a player in San Diego named Stevie? About 30-35 years old? Caucasian, 5'9 or so
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    14.1 question

    After initial rack do I have to start with the one ball that I left to break rack or can I call one of the 14 balls racked?
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    Cues stolen

    I had my pool cues taken from my car last night at Pacific Q Billiards in Encinitas, California Unfortunately I was parked in an area where there are no cameras The cues stolen were a Viking G14 with Violet Pearl and "LEE" scribed on the bottom across from the Viking logo, an Al Romero Sneaky...
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    Live Stream

    Found this stream which I believe is Japanese (10 ball) Edit: I also found this one which is 9 ball...
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    Monday Night Action show with OSPN
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    Online Pool Games?

    Can anyone link me to some online pool games please. Did a search on forum no luck.
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    Things you do off the table that improve your game

    Hey was just looking to see if anything you do outside of the pool room translates to pool success. Exercise, food, videos, etc.
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    A few quick questions

    Hello I will make this as short as possible. Your answers and suggestions are much appreciated. I have been playing with a 18-18.9 oz cue with 12mm-12.5 mm tip and shaft diameter for awhile now (6-12 months) and recently been to a few bars which I do not bring my cue into. I use the bar cues...
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    Swanson Hard Times Stream

    For some reason every time I go to and click play on the streaming video box my Firefox crashes. Anyone have any idea why?
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    Orange County Tournaments

    Hello. Does anyone know of any tournaments in Orange County, California on Friday nights?
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    Your thoughts on this book

    I bought 'The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards'. I just wanted to hear your thoughts and comments on the book if anyone has had a chance to take a look at it or read it.
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    Wizard tips

    I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on Wizard tips. Thanks.