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    Pro with best stroke?

    This was definitely inspired by the thread "pro with worst stroke" and I know it's been talked about before but I thought if we were going to make fun of pro's with ugly strokes it would only be fair if we mentioned some of the players out there that have good strokes. A fluid clean stroke can...
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    Controversy at Mosconi Cup!

    For those of you who haven't seen it yet, there was some controversy in the Majid vs Archer match during the evening session of the Mosconi Cup today. The details can be found here: Corey certainly had some choice words for Majid...
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    Offial scores from last year's challenge?

    Does anyone know where the scores from last year's challenge are? I searched the forums and couldn't seem to find it anywhere:confused:
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    How well do you think Wu will do?

    We haven't had a repeat champion since Earl managed to successfully defend his title in 1991 after winning the year before. So what do you think the chances of Chia-Ching Wu doing the same thing are? There is no question he has the talent and composure to do it but the talent in this event is...
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    V-Bookie for WPC

    Does anyone (Mike) know if we will be having any v-bookie for the upcoming WPC? It would be great if we could wager some v-cash on the greatest nine ball tournament of the year, I need my fix:D
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    TheOne advances to 2nd round of world 14.1 championship

    Craig Riley also known as TheOne/halfoftwo in these parts has just beat Johnny Archer at the world straight pool championships in New Jersey to advance to the second round. Congratulations Craig and also to fellow AZ'er Danny Harriman for a well played tournament so far, best of luck in the...
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    The SML Entertainment Open

    As I'm sure most of you have seen on the homepage, the second annual SML Entertainment Open is being played here in Calgary at the olympic oval. The field is even stronger than last years with players like Archer, Pagulayan, Davenport, and Dennis Orcullo just to name a few. In case you...
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    The Pool Trivia Thread

    OK This is how it works, somebody starts off with a trivia question related to pool (obviously:) ) and the question must be correctly answered before another question can be posted. Any breach of this rule will result in bad rolls for life. The winner who answers the most questions...
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    2006 SML Entertainment 9-Ball Open

    The 2006 SML Entertainment Open will take place from April 11-15. Total prize money is $50,000 with the winner pocketing $15,000. Defending champion Alex Pagulayan has already registered and the field is limited to 128 players and is expected to fill early, the official website can be found...
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    V-Bookie for the King of The Hill Invitational?

    Mike, will we have the v-bookie back up in time for the King of The Hill Invitational? I hope so, also, will we maintain the previous v-cash we had or do you not have that on record?
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    Results from Stan James Canadian Tour?

    Does anybody know the results from the first stop of the Stan James Canadian Tour in Waterloo this past weekend? AZ reported the results from day one but no results from Sunday's matches. Do any of the posters from out east know who snapped this one off?
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    World Pool Masters-vbookie, predictons, etc.

    The world pool masters kicks off this weekend with an impressive field. The format will once again be single elimination race to eight winner breaks. The matchups are as follows: Thomas Engert vs Sander Tot Steve Davis vs Wu Chia-Ching Marlon Manalo vs Roman Hybler Niels Feijen vs Raj...
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    Steve Davis' future in nine ball

    Tonight I had the pleasure to watch the Mosconi Cup start to finish and payed specific attention to Steve Davis' performance. To say I was saddened by the way he played would be a harsh understatement, this six time world snooker champion, and still a fine snooker player might I add has lost...
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    Canadian Posters-WPC Schedule

    Here is the link to the WPC schedule, as usual the event will be shown on Rogers Sportsnet.
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    Some big names headed home early

    Well it looks like some of the top players at WPC will most likely be not advancing past the group stages. The biggest name at the front of this list would be Reyes, he has four losses with a poor racks for and against standing not to mention his last two matches are against Drago and Mike...