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  • We are all good snooker! I dont sweat these lil trolls on here to much! People who got reds either lied about the situation or tried to drag me into it. The whole thing is a shame.

    I wish you well Snooker!!
    somehow i got drug into this thing again, azhousepro deleted hungarians post. I should have just let it go and not responded. shit happens.

    i should have never said anything or contacted rkc about any of this, all he did was lie to me and say he was going to do the right thing. lesson learned: stay out of other people's shit.

    I would NEVER treat a customer like that. the only people who got red rep, were people who were saying that I am like RKC or that I was trying to defend him for doing this...

    my original posts had nothing to do with the rails or money, people were straight up lying about RKC.... Again, I should have never said anything.

    I would quit my business if someone were tryin to track me down on here for equipment or money.

    Not mad, its just a red, i have almost alll greenies. some people thought it was valiant of me to speak up and try to get the snake to do the right thing. some I now have made into permanent enemies.

    The world will go on.

    I had no idea that you had a few of them in your hands, ride on, very nice. What State or whos cue did you play with? I have been in all 50 States for at least 4-5 years now and in 14 other countries.

    Thanks again, Dave
    I wanted to reply this morning to your post last night where you outlined some of your views....but the kooky direction that thread took, I opted to just take my leave of that nutty thread. I appreciate your candor, and I hope you have a great day! Chris
    Thank you sir! I really do want to improve all poolplayers, and creating a better, more consistent process is the way to get some permanent improvement.
    Thanks for stopping by...thanks for the message as well. Much appreciated. Unfortunately it is like a kindergarten out there sometimes...but hey...what can you do other than try to not get down in mud with them.
    Thanks much for the compliment. Early disagreements are no big deal. I enjoy your posts also, as they have honesty. All the best, WW
    Dude, I just saw your messages. I have been sort of out of it regarding the forum. Thanks for your kind words.
    Thanks and back at you. He has a long way to go to match the $5 trillion and 1 million deaths wasted by 43, which is the record worst POTUS performance in recent memory. And that guy is getting a big pass now, because of this one. Which is not right, frankly. People ask me isn't 45 the worst? I firmly say no, at least not yet. What is terrifying is that he yet could prove to be.
    Snooker Theory...Thanks for the good wishes, and my best to you in the new year as well. Sorry to be a couple weeks late in answering. I'm in Hawaii on my honeymoon!
    Thanks buddy. I'm back playing poker again and doing just fine. Gonna knock off a big one this year, 2019!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family buddy!!! I'm still here if you wanna get a case done ��
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