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  • I have an offer for a trade in which I would get one of your cues.
    It is a Plain jane or merrywidow Tulipwood cue. The gentleman who has it does not know much about the cue , including weights and measures. any info on this cue would be great if possible. Pics and specs to I am in your address book, you've been sending emails, political etc, for years. David Nelson
    You need to direct your question regarding the itradere feedback to Mike Howerton, aka azhousepro.

    Don't worry to much, AZ is about a fickle a forum as it gets. That's why I don't post a whole lot here. I think sometimes the only like something only if their friends like it. The feedback here locally, was incredible. It really is a georgeous cue...
    Paul did I put something wrong in the pictures of the cue. On both post there have been no remarks about it. how can someone not think it is beautiful and make a remark.
    Paul I wanted to make sure the micarta was what you wanted. I cut a few ferrules for people and a couple told me I cut them wrong. I don't want anyone to think they are stuck with something if they don't want it or can't use it. Let me know.
    someone dropped your name and said you make good cues.
    i'd like to check out your work. do you have a website?
    if not, pls send some sample pics to

    thanks, -marlo
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