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  • i am sitting in a quarter million dollar condo, laughing at your it's paid for.. fool ... enjoy your pretend life. and i got lots in the bank hahaha. loser!!!!!
    Hey bud, it's me Scott from brother Tony died from cancer two months ago...are u gonna be at hadrons this weekend?
    Hey Spanky, it was cool chatting with u about hardtimes and hawaiian jimmy, thanks for the updates ("pewlpewl")
    Please send it again it has a 951 number in it? I was so damn busy this week I honestly can't remember and I sincdrly Ppologise for that. This fallmi will be in la some and can come out your way I live iv la right next to bev hills
    send me a email to

    i dont have PM's here

    looking foward to talking to you, please put your # so I can call you and the besttime to call


    eric :)
    I would play in Myron's tournaments. I entered (read-donated dead money) the Labor day tournament a couple of times. I think you had a buddy-kind of tall/blond/quiet who played poker online or tournaments (Elsinore?) who maybe lived in South OC or maybe San Diego area?

    Anyway that's me. My name is Bill. I'm mostly forgettable. Mostly invisible. No reason to take notice. I play a Myron. I have several. One Stock-his BEM-green wrap. Another Myron player-about the same but with some ebony floating points and some small synthetic malachite diamonds in the points and cut into the butt rings. Low key green on black. that's about it. Take care. Oh yeah-I think you were working long hours and odd shifts at a casino at the time. Could be wrong.
    Hi Spanky79-I just saw the message-duh. I used to see you out at Shooters-I used to sit and watch the golf games in the tournament room during and after hours. You know-with Aaron and Zay and Biscuit and Ray and Railroad Jim and Big(Frankenstein) Jim and Martin(Jazznpool) and Denny and Big Daddy and the owner Bill and others-sometimes Kim Davenport and CJ and You (I think) and Nick Spano and others. I usually sat and sipped a Jack and coke while watching-asking Don Harp what he thot of certain shots. I might play if it was 10/1. Or if it was partners (played with Ray as a partner a couple of times) for 20/2.
    A little late, but thanks for sending the link to the DCT stream the other day. Just looked at my account.
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