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  • Dave, we have never met (i'm thinking) my name is Bill Incardona and would like to ask a favor from you. I believe you are the person who created those animated cartoon skits, if so would you direct me to where they are? Especially the one's with Lou Figueroa as the main character. Thanks.
    Hi Dave,
    Tom from Mn. We spoke a while ago. Hopefully you can answer this question for me.
    I heard Rodney Morris took lessons from Stan. I recently watched him playing a Japan match and could clearly see him pivoting on almost all shots.
    On real thin cuts (le't assume to the right) I see his cue tip pointing way out to the left. I have seen Rob Saez sp? do the same thing. Does Stan teach this? Who teaches this.
    I'll take the 24" cocobolo if still available. Do you have any veneers left.
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