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  • Hello, My name is Ted and I have been reading many of the post on CTE and now the thread and videos on STD. I have tried to figure out on my own but I think I'm running into some cross roads. I have contacted Stan asking to get the first two cd's which he no longer is making them available. It seems as if you are well versed on the system and I was thinking you probably have the cd's? Would it be possible to get copies of them? I'd definitely send money to cover the cost of anything associated with cost. I used to play 20 years ago and now I'm getting back into playing again, and want to step up my game. I purchased a table recently and am having a cue that I made with a local cue builder but was not finished, finished by another builder that i have found.

    Thanks you for your time
    Wondered what happened to you, bud, I see you made your re-appearance with a "bang" (or bangers) ;)

    I'm getting to the point that I could use your expertise for world wide video broadcasting....I have a game that will demand this type of service as soon as January. Happy Holidays and Enjoy Your New Year
    Whats up Dave Thanks for commenting on the Heirloom butcher re cover job thread i posted to warn other members not to get burnt , You played there and know how awful they were.

    BTW Lee Brett hit me up about lessons he said he know you
    Unreal that you got banned. Apparently Wilson has decided if he can't ban me then he will ban everyone around me.
    Hi Dave, Over the last 4-5 years in my search for the perfect aiming system I have come to trust and respect on what you post. I am very impressed on how much time and effort you have put into the game and how you shared that info with others.
    Anyway I have read that there are times when you come to Mn for some reason or another. If you ever do I would like to have the pleasure to meet you. You can even stay at my house if you want to save a buck. I'm 40 min from the airport and live on a small lake.
    I would like to learn about Ron V's system in detail compared to Stan and Ekke's. I am so disappointed Ron didn't produce the vid.

    Thanks again for your contributions and hope to see you in Mn sometime in your travels.
    Tom Zensen Faribault Mn.
    Do you think I came off as a little tough on the Duck? I thought it important to cite some examples and ways to improve. It may be a strech for me to suggest to someone how to post, but I feel he needs improvement in that area.
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