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  • Dave

    I need your email address.

    Send to: goettlicher@verizon.net

    Thanks my friend
    Thanks, they like jumping up on the table too, along with my back. Ling the Blue point loved Glen.
    Got a reply regarding "Be a Better Banker" but it didn't direct me to a web site or have a download. Thanks for your reply, and your time.
    Thanks for the support of me for the show. My feeling for this is that even though the whole vote system was poorly developed I will still have a good chance of getting on. I have been in talks with there producers for quite sometime now. Currently they are not in the process of filming more episodes and have the summer off. Thanks again!

    Steve Markle
    Thank you too for the action on the UFC fights...was a really good fight card..one of the better ones in the last couple years !
    thanks fort the rep.That problem is not going to end peacefully.
    I really don`t know the extent of your involvement with the pool game.If u alreaday know some of the cultural aspects of pool,please ignore me preaching the choire. In gambling of pool there are some unwritten traditions.They take turns in raping ( taking the money) a sucker , No gang rape at a time and it is only one after one as long as the sucker could spread the legs( has vallet with money).That is what they are trying to do_On one side they are clalling him as a stiffer with no charecter and on the the other side they are negotiating for some more action.They know that they could drain him out.
    Thanks for the rep, and the comment.

    The Advanced volume of the Mika series is already in the works. Be sure to let me know if there's anything specific that you'd like me to include.

    Thanks again,

    - nathan
    for sure lets get together txt me at 702-241-8000 when your in Vegas or call, I dont check voice mails. I'd love to see you we'll have fun, play pool-eat steaks-what ever you like,

    Thanks for the tip... and it was nice meeting you....Im sorry i didnt get to play you a little. I have found another called Concord Billiards or (Riley billiards) Chris Riley owner. I have won a bit of money there so far. Thanks again.
    It was nice meeting you at SBE. Too bad we couldn't spend more time together.
    I am planning to get in touch with Ron V and see if we can get together Saturday sometime around noon. It would be great if you could stop in. I know this is a long trip for you.
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