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  • Thanks for the rep in memory of my baby. You made my entire crappy month worthwhile.:)
    Hi Dave could you watch my one pocket bank video i posted earlier and give me your opinion on the shot. Both Balls are froze on the foot rail and my pocket is on cue ball side.
    I think you've pegged Earl correctly. I'm a friend of Earls and I know there is something difinetly loose up their and he can't get out of his own way. He does really have a heart of gold. Most of the fans don't realize he's been hussling on his own since the age of 14. I really don't know if he's on meds or not. He's just not into any self help programs or meterial. So I don't know if he would try or stay on meds if available.

    Also liked your cherp on BHE.
    Good reading
    Ah yeah? I used to fly to China for business and I learned to play there. My high break was in the 50's and the pockets were twice the size off the ones in your house. I really enjoy the game. I have Lee Brett coming to my house for two weeks in the very near future. He's a pro snooker player from the U.K. -- so I'm going to learn a few snooker techniques. Anyways, have a great weekend and keep in touch. If you go to any TAR events, let me know! -Dave
    No don't get to play to much snooker anymore, there is not many that can play and there I slack of tables in southern California. Were I was living before I used to play every other day it was great small money maker for me. I played most games on a 10 by 5 with only 6 reds so the scores were never as high as they should of been. My break was only like 80 some points then again only on other player there could mach me. I have the snooker set here on my table but is not really fun to play normal people since I just crush them.
    Between you and I, I agree with your assessment of Lou. And thanks for the compliment.
    It's not an adjustment step.

    Is too. lol.

    Thanks for the rep. I need to spread some around before I can return the favor (guess I don't give enough).


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