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  • Sounds like he's picking up fairly quickly, I think a little quicker than I did, but I can't quite remember. I know that hitting a 9 was dang tough and was a while before I was able to hold as a 9. I'll see what I can manage on the message board on poolplayers.com, Tarek's in Boring, I think. You should check out the APA site, though.. you can get your stats and lots more. Also, take part in the singles qualifiers if you can and get as many low rated players to do so as well.
    Talked a little with him on the APA message board, figured we'd play a bit soon. I was reading through your posts to see if I knew you, but couldn't find anything that rung a bell. Figured out that I've met and played against another member here before.. but that's another story. I'm around the Mt. Tabor area myself, mostly just shooting around in the bars.
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