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    Banking on Tables with High Speed cloth

    For an amateur, I feel my bank game is pretty good and I have a really good feel for how a ball comes off the rails and I do use banking systems when I feel I need to. However, I have had real trouble banking on certain tables. After investigating a bit, I have come to a conclusion that it has...
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    Call Shot/Call Safety strategy against players of different speeds

    I heard through the grapevine that a 10 ball league I play in is going to call shot/call safety and was curious how others who play this way adjusted their strategy against players of different speed. With the change, I will lose one of my favorite plays, the two way shot. My first thoughts are...
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    Wickliffe Lanes Billiards

    I am going to be in NE Ohio next week and was wondering if anyone has any experience playing in this room. I see they have a tourney on Tuesday nights. Is it worth playing in? Is it a handicapped tournament? Race to .....? Double elimination? If I am not too tired, I am thinking of playing. I...
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    Tip life.

    Having seen a comment on tip longevity, I started thinking about how long a player should keep a tip on a shaft and still get the performance they want from their tip. In thinking about this I realize performance will vary according to manufacturer, model, hardness, personal preference, etc. I...