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  • Hey Steve, not sure if you want to add to the 2011 high run list as he doesn't read or post here as far as I know. Anyway, local 14.1 master Andy Toth is running 100+ regularly here in Thorndale PA. He ran a 118 on me a few weeks back and numerous 80's and 90's every time we play. High run this year was Nov 27th with a 147.

    See you at 2012 SBE. -Jason
    Hey Steve !
    Were do you play in long island ? I'm from NYC and just moved to Florida A year ago . But i used to play on long island. I would play at Mr Cues in lindenhurst LI and Raxx in hempsted Li . I'm also a straight Pool Player. But I'm not getting many games here in florida .
    Wayne R.
    Nice job at the Game Show last night..."Get the Cash" It was well worth the ride... Hope you and Pat can lock in a date for the 14.1 soon
    well actually ours spells Kurz (because it is of German origin, kurz = short). But it sounds the same
    Steve I just noticed were not friend here, so I sent the friend shop thing to you, hope all is good,


    Shouldn't have played the combo.. LOL..:eek:
    I would have played the 1 and follow and then play that ball sitting in that pocket, and then that ball you used to make the combo.. (1 rail out)
    Ah..LOL.. Just wanted to critisize somethin' know us railbirds..we never miss a ball..:grin-square:
    See ya...
    Hi Steve,
    Can't see and e-mail here..
    Shoot me one to my P.M. Box or to Thanks.. Alton
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