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  • I have been checking out the Stroke Analyzer and plan on downloading it to my PC this evening. It looks very interesting, and very useful.
    I could sure use some help marketing. I no squat about it...haha. A few instructors have shown interest...but the real market is the players. At some point I plan to send an announcement email to a pool equipment companies...but havent yet. What are your ideas? Thanks for your interest. I have a lot of time and effort invested in StrokeAnalyzer and would like to see it succeed. Cheers, Bob Jones here in California near San Fran
    i can be reached at or 702-241-8000(no voice mail) If I can help you market this I will be glad to help, and no I'm not looking to make a penny-i have $$$. I tell you more if you contact me, its all on the square-I'm very well known here by people-beyond this board, they know me personally


    eric :)
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