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    How Does an APA 7 Go Down to a 6?

    So logandgriff what is your Fargo rating? FYI looked up the Fargo rating of 15 players I know that are mid tier 7s at least, lowest 570 highest 670. I I would guess a decent comparison would be Fargo 550 and above APA 7 and ~475-549 APA 6 for 8 ball. Just a guess on some players I could...
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    Ronny Park Passes Away Due to COVID Complications

    Sad news, condolences.
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    Was the Z-SHOT Efren’s Best Option?

    I like the mirror image of the shot if I was shooting. Using the rail closest to the 6 avoids the possibility hitting the 7, natural angle to the second diamond above the corner is on a line to the center of the short rail. If going for the pot, I would shoot the 2 rails using draw and touch...
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    Physical Therapy For The Back

    Some of the exercises I do for my back after my doctor(s) and therapists determined the cause of my back issues. Planks are a great exercise to strengthen the core, build stamina without putting unnecessary pressure on the back of spine. Leg raises, maintains a flat back while performing. Dead...
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    Pre shot question

    I believe straightline is saying on back cuts or severe find the angle the cb will travel after contact (carom line?) and use that for an aiming point of reference. That way you have a aiming spot that you can see. If you hit this spot and the cb takes the it's line then you should make the...
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    Pre shot question

    This thread sure took a a turn. While I can't speak for the pros, I personally look at the shot from behind the object ball because it allows me to visualize the angles and shot line. The contact point isn't a priority for me, yes I still look at it, however I visualize a line through the ob...
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    Best bank dvd to learn basic banks. John brumbacks?

    Check Dr. Dave's videos, also banking by numbers on YouTube by 12YFAO. Some good information on the foundation of 1&2 rail systems and track lines.
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    Right eye dominate, but play left handed?

    Check Dr Dave's link, it's a good starting point. Dominant eye is misunderstood at best, you should be better off finding your visual/aiming center. I play left handed, left eye dominant but my right eye is my aiming eye. Can play ok right handed, I am ambidextrous as well so that may play a...
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    Grip Nuances

    I agree not much emphasis is placed on the cradle/grip. Personally my cradle works for me because it allows my hand and arm to remain relaxed while delivering the cue straight. A traditional pool cradle with the index, middle and ring finger causes a slight pronation and flexion of my...
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    Is This A Difficult Shot For Most?

    ^^^^^^^^^ Sorry Spark tried to reply to your however using my tablet I messed up your post with my response. For some reason I can't delete the draft. I misunderstood your original post about long, thought you were talking about cb travel and not long or short on position zone. I set the...
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    Is This A Difficult Shot For Most?

    Just came back downstairs, ugh getting my workout on today up and down these stairs. Shot it with the Rempe cb if you are familiar with it, I'm hitting between the numbers for top between 2&3. So a tip/ tip and half above center and 2 1\2 tips spin. That brings me back to the short rail (5...
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    Is This A Difficult Shot For Most?

    Can get it back to center with my normal pace on the cb with a little spin Actually can "spin it " to get it to the bottom short rail. Length doesn't seem to be the issue. Would rate my stroke as average so I think most can do this shot .
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    Is This A Difficult Shot For Most?

    Went back and looked at the shot. I had set it up with less angle, closer to the foot string. So yeah straight top is out, however a little inside hits diamond half from pocket, on my table at least. Spin is spin for me so with this shot I would be using spin either way. I would go forward...
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    Grip Nuances

    For myself I cradle with the middle, ring, and pinky finger. Very light with my middle finger and my pinky allows me to feel the speed of the shot. Not very speculative for me, using a traditional cradle with the cue resting on the index, middle and ring finger causes a few slight issues for myself.