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  • Hi Superminsoo, Sorry my last message was not so specific. I was wondering if you knew of anybody in the LA/Orange county that sells Hanbat carom "Thre cushion line of cues"? I was interested in purchasing a Hanbat carom cue, but I cannot speak or read Korean so I am very limited. I live in the Eastern riverside county area, but my folks live in the city of Huntington Park which is near enough to downtown LA. Thank you.
    Hello Superminsoo, I am interested in obtaining a Hanbat cue (three cushion series). I have been to the Hanbat webpage and looked at the prices and the seem very reasonable. I cannot speak Korean and do not know where in LA area to go to find one. I saw a player named John Lee play with a Hanbat and liked the cue.
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