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  • Thank you sir for the green. I just get so tired of a streamer try to make you feel that they are doing you a favor taken your money for such a pitiful production. Had one e-mail me wanted me to buy $100.00 per year service. I asked about pop-up told me I could pay him $3.95 a mouth. Ask if Shane an Alex tar match was included? No but he would give me a little discount. LOL Skip
    WOW! Thats GREAT Tom...

    I tryed to find it on the website..but was unsuccessful...

    Tall Man found some good pics of him playin with some hall of fame players..Mosconi being one of them...I'll give him a call today..and i should see him by Saturday..i'll get on him to mail them..or should i just get them and give them to you at Snookers? let me know.

    Hey Swede, How are you?

    There's an article on me in the Lowell Sun today. It paints a good picture of me and my pool career. I just thought I'd let you know about it. Of course, I'm not bragging, I just thought I'd let a friend know what's going on.

    Nothing from Tall Man-Yet.

    See you at Snooker's. Can't be much longer.
    Tall Man said he was sending out the pictures this week...if he doesn't for some reason..i will get them to you at Snookers.

    Take care.
    Hey Tom,
    I'll try to get ahold of Tall Man today...and yes i got your friendship request.

    Good Luck at Turningstone! i'll be watching on the web ;)

    hey..do you have an opening date for Snookers?
    Hey Swede,

    Did you get a friendship request from me?

    I also need pictures from Tall Man. He said he would send some. Is he O.K.?

    My home address is:
    14 Call St.
    N. Billerica, Ma. 01862

    I need the pictures. Pronto!

    Very Busy. Will message you when I get back from Turning Stone.
    Hey Tom..everything is Great with me..

    I just call Tall man and he should be calling you sometime today.

    and ya..i can't wait for the NEW SNOOKS!

    ttys SWEDE OUT!
    Hey Swede,

    How things going? We got together the other day to discuss the incoming class to the New England Pool and Billiard, Hall of Fame.

    Tall Man, Ron Meriwether, needs to contact me. He's been chosen as one of the new inductee's.

    Please give him my phone number if you run into him.

    Home# 978-667-1084
    Cell# 978-987-0924

    Hope things are well with you. Looking forward to Snooker's re-opening.

    Let me know what's going on as far as contacting Tall Man. We are on a tight schedule.

    Tom McGonagle
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