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  • I think we both call it as we see it but also keep it respectable(you are quite a bit better than I at the second part). Seems like we are almost always in agreement, anyways, just wanted to wish you well sir. Hope life is treating you well and you weren't terribly impacted by this virus.
    Hi Chris,

    I had a conversation yesterday with Scott Lee in Largo Florida. I told him I will be spending the month of August in Morro Bay and asked him if there are any pool rooms in the area. He said he didn't know for sure, but that you are living in the area and you would know.

    What can you tell me?

    Fred Finken
    (Saturated Fats)

    Just picked up a Margo #5 as a restoration project for almost nothing but had a few questions. I'm assuming based off of some other Palmers I've owned that these cues were not using any Spain or Boti blanks. That being said, do we know if the blanks were made in house or imported and then assembled in the US? Also, leather wraps were obviously an option as this one has a smooth black one. I have no.plans to sell the cue but is there an approximate value apart from the BB quote? I haven't spoken to Sean over at Cue Addicts yet but I am going to.assume based off my current new cue sales that collector values are down as well. Any help would be appreciated. One last question. When did Palmer use the script logo? It seems they had the foil, then what appears to be engraved script and then the PM/PB one from the Japan days. Is that correct?


    P.S. - Big fan of the site for many years. If only we had similar sites for all cues, there wouldn't be so much confusion.
    Chris- I purchased Peyton Parker's share of our Palmer collection and am trying to complete same. I was told that you have some of the original flyers for catalogs#1-2-3. A friend Dennis Glenn would like you to contact him as he has something you might be interested in trade. Dennis Glenn @ (713) 702-5199. He doesn't do computers. I know Peyton spoke very highly of you. I have added to the collection. May have Scott refinish some, however after contact with Jay am not as fervent as I once was on refinish. Hopefully we can stay in contact as I complete this collection. Peyton and I were friends for about 47 years and played with Palmers for a long time.
    Chris, a few years back I told you about a friend of mine that had a Jim Rempe prototype cue that may have been made by Palmer in the early 80's. I have some pictures of it on my cell phone, can you send me your email address so I can get them to you? Thank you,
    Those 2 where the 2 I was comparing. Lol. I'll have to wait a little bit now for a palmer because now and since I texted you earlier john and I worked out a deal on 1 of his predators. If you don't mind I'm gonna invite you as a friend and look for advice here and there . nice to meet you
    Here's another scan - HELP! Is this a genuine Vintage Palmer 17?

    You better make sure you say hi if you come up here to Norther Cali for the Seminole tour stop!!

    I would like to know the value of the palmer cue i have in the green case. I appreciate all your help.
    Hi man, haven't heard from you in awhile. I need to send you some money for that shaft and have accidentally deleted your message with the paypal info so please send that again. hope all is well for ya, cheers.
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