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  • Hey Mary, are you going to Kalispell this year,3rd weekend in February. I played the state 8 in billings, got 5th but played great, ran 2 sets, back to back. give me a call 406-241-6534(I have a cell phone now) I have super cool news, could be life changing haha
    Hey Mary, my # is 406-251-4164, leave message if no answer and please don't call after 8 pm my time lol
    You're right I never would have guessed your AZ handle. Could just as easily have been rumpelstiltskin.
    MARBA!!!!!!!!!!! you MUST call me, I AM PLAYING POOL AGAIN.........FULL TIME!!!!!!
    course, can't make much here lol 406-251-4164
    Hey Mary & Dan,
    how ya'll doin. i went to vegas for 6 months, in MT now. Friend of mine,Tim, and I are starting a BCA pool league here in MSO. we are doing it as a non-profit. players are gonna finially gets some money back lol. Hows your game these days?
    HEY BABY!!!!!!!! i aint gots me no computer, but ecept rarlee same number 406-251-4164 call me
    Hey Mary. How are you and Dan doin. The store, we closed that back in June. I moved back to Vegas. Just gonna play pool, my get is gettin really good to. lol.
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