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    9 Ball Pool Blog

    I have a new 9 ball pool blog setup at this address so please feel free to sign up read and reply to it the more from az the better!.
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    Wpc 03

    Where can I get my hands on this event in its entireity because it dosen't look like matchroom sport will have any dvds out anytime soon PLEASE HELP!.
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    My local pool hall

    Hi guys I was wondering if there is anyone out there who can help me, you see my local pool hall is going down the tubes I went on sunday and played a few games but the tables are getting worse pockets are coming appart from the table, the slate is visible through the cloth and to top it all 90%...
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    pool tables

    I have a question when someone mentions what type of table they have the same answers keep poping up GC, Olhausen, Diamond but what I want to know is why nobody ever mentions the brunswick metro table, lets face its the most modern looking table i've seen and wouldn't look out of place in any...
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    Digital Drawings of you Jenn

    I just thought I would post a digital photo of you I changed using the computer hope you like them.
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    9 ball the movie script

    I was on the main street productions website and there is a link that says "read the script" but when you click it a box that says email and password comes up can anyone enlighten me as to where I might find the script?.
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    Making your own cue

    How easy is it to make your own cue from scratch and what type of materials and machines do you need as I have seen some of the cues on here and I would really love to design and make my own.
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    cue Extentions

    Does anyone know where I can find an extenstion for my break/jump cue that will fit any type of cue as mine is not a particular name i.e jericho stinger, lucasi or mcdermott, the reason I ask this is because when I use the jump part of my cue I can't grip it properly to jump the ball and jumping...
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    The Making of a Pool Cue

    Is there anyone on this forum that knows where I can find a video of a pool cue being made from start to finish as it has always facinated me.
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    WPC 99 Question

    I have just been on the wpa's website looking at past world champions and I noticed that in 99 both Nick Varner & Efren Reyes won the world title, what I want to know is why was the world championships played twice in 99?.
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    Which are Better

    I was just wanting the opinions of fellow azer's to find out which tip is the best out of the two listed in the poll and why?.
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    Which are Better

    I was just wanting the opinions of fellow azer's to find out which tip is the best out of the two listed in the poll and why?. Elk Master Tips Buffalo Diamond Plus Could a mod close this thread please
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    Pool Drawings

    I was just wondering if I could have everyones oppinions on these drawings of various players I have done and whether they are any good and if you draw any yourself lets see em. Here are just 2 of mine.
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    Open Weert 9 ball tournament

    When does it start and is there anywhere on the internet I can watch it?.
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    Music @ rhe 2005 Mosconi Cup

    What is the name of the music during the very first video package of the mosconi cup just after andy goldstein welcomes us to vegas, the one where they fly over vegas and the players images can be seen on the buildings?.