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  • Steve - not sure on time frame of Glen's arrival in Blacksburg but will mention it to him if I have any correspondence with him between now and then. Sorry for the delay in replying....don't check in here but maybe once a week if I'm lucky. We're takiing a break and out at Myrtle Beach with family right now. Let me know if you hear from Glen as well.

    Hi Robin-

    I had correspondence with you a while ago when I was looking for a table.

    I responded to RKC's post about tables in the Blacksburg VA area as my message was too long for a PM/

    I would like to extend my invitation to Glen to you as well if you guys wanted to collaberate on technique and look at my problem as well.

    I believe you are in the Charlotte area and if you come over to Raleigh I would be happy to have you as a house guest.

    We have 4 bedrooms and a friendly chiclate lab and would be pleased if we could put you up if you had any business over here or if you are on your way through.

    In any event I hope business is going well


    Steve Blasdell
    1408 Heathers Glen
    Cary, NC 27511
    Hey, Robin. I haven't seen much from you lately on the mechanic's forum. I posted a couple questions that I had hoped to get some input from some of you senior guys, but heard nothing. Hope all is well with you. I sent a similar message to Jay (the Felt Wright), as he hasn't been on there much either.

    Joe Everett
    Thank you for your help. It looks like I'm right in the middle of a couple people but I'll contact them when I get back in March (leaving the 22nd) and see if they'll be coming through Fresno at a later date. Thanks, Jerry. PastPrime
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