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  • Hello Ekkes. Do you still sell the SEE method or has it been replaced with the SAMBA method? I like the SEE method but can't find much out about SAMBA. Is it similar to SEE?
    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

    Your website ( is down / can't be accessed.
    it says:

    Server Error

    Error 403 - Forbidden
    Der Zugriff auf das angeforderte Objekt ist nicht möglich. Entweder kann es vom Server nicht gelesen werden oder es ist zugriffsgeschützt.

    Solomon Manalo
    Hey Eric,
    that's right! I am still here in Regensburg
    In case you wanna play some pool some day just give me a call! 0163 5842954

    I am an American Servicemember that lives near Parsberg and was wondering if this is the Ekkes that I once played in Regensburg (Clixx Billiards)? Do you still live in the area? Do you still make it out to Clixx? Perhaps we can meet up again sometime...

    Sorry I don't have the M205 Mcdermott for sale anymore. Sorry for the delayed reply, have not been on for a while. Check out the M502 it's pretty nice....
    Hi Ekkes :)
    Just overflow your *new* version (the english you released) after i purchased it. looked interesting til now :)
    Congrats for your latest release, and keep it up being a pool-a-holic^^

    Hi, I would like to take advantage of the free offer. My name is erik grubbs. My email is I appreciate any info I can get. THANKS
    I would like to take you up on your free offer, your book and video.

    Thank you for your contibution in the billiards world.

    My email is

    Thanks again

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