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  • Can you message me your email address? I have been sending you private messages on here but I don't think they are sending. I am really interested in the Moyer Cues items.
    I have a black P2 wrapless with a 314/2 shaft. both dead straight together or apart.
    shows some bumps and such from use, nothing terrible. don't know what year it is but it is not the early one that had the metal flake black paint job on the butt. this is all black. I have two, only really need one. $400 shipped CONUS
    Tim, I cannot PM you a response so I'll try this. I responded to your post to your email address.

    Do a search for ChrisC or Chris Chance on AZbilliards.
    Christian Chance AKA CO_Kid1. Then pass this on to the admins at AZ
    This guy has defrauded multiple AZBers and Archers
    Tried to steal a cue from me now he has arrest warrants in 2 states because of his actions. But his antics go back years.
    Hi Tim
    I tried sending you a reply to your PM, but it says your not accepting any PM`s.
    Let me know what you want to do from here.
    Hey man your box is full. Phils number is 303-549-9273. I paid $850 for that case but he has increased his pricing since then because I called back to order a second one and he quoted me $1250 then $1700 a month later when I was ready to place the order. I didn't order it but the craftsmanship is out of this world on his cases.
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