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  • Hi
    What year is the jt1?
    Rolls straight , butt/shaft/together?

    Also, I does this have the effren taper?

    Hey Dan its Rae. I was wondering if you still had that email of the specs for this DZ cue you sold me a couple months ago. Thank you in advance!
    interested in your cue .......please text or call........Vince (724) 914-5795........give me first thanx
    That was a good price. I don't think I was looking until after that. Nice cue. I am just looking for a solid hitting 3-cushion cue. Kilby, Dieckman etc. I have some cues to trade. Huebler HZ, McDermott EG3,
    Robert Rice one-off, Adams ac12 Cisero Murphy and another purple McDermott. Anyway just looking around. Thanks again.
    sad to see the ebony titlist CUT. just plain sad. sad. sad. i recently sent ryan(RATCUES) at meullers a willie hoppe titlist to redo. he redid the joint, replacing the old brass joint with SS, replaced the joint rings, adding a silver ring. the butt was butt ugly(pardon the pun) making it look sharp. finally he wrapped with brown crocodile leather. butt is still fat, still full splice. love it, mayget it turn down some time in future.
    James..I really don't have alot of info on them..I just like the cues and I know they are worth owning.. I suggest you send a message to bobalouiecda...He knows Hueblers better than anyone I know..Good luck..Dan
    Hey toomnyqs, I'm hoping that maybe I could ask you some questions about
    Huebler cues. In my research on az I see that you have been selling some. I've been
    Offered a huebler heart cue, the owner states that it is a prototype from the 70's. Do you know of any resources for information on these cues. Any info would be really helpful to me.
    Wanna buy one one of your black extensions. My paypal email is

    How much your extensions are shipped to Finland.
    Thanks fir answering!
    I saw one of JD's cues In person and would like to know how to get ahold of him to order a cue. You seem to get alot of his cues, so I was wondering if you could help me get ahold of him. Or even possibly be a middle man so to speak.

    I still have the one just like it with a better wrap..Check my posts for a 4pt 4veneer JD...$295
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