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    30 Palmer Cues at Auction on July 9, 2021

    25% buyers premium seems pretty high.
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    Anyone ever try other fabrics other than the norms for cloth?

    I once cheaped out and bought some of this worsted cloth to cover 2 tables I was selling and used it on one of mine as well. It wore like iron but after a short while I didn't like it and would not recommend it. Spend the money on quality cloth like those recommended on here and you'll be happier.
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    Severe eye allergies

    Wow that looks uncomfortable. Hope you're back to normal in short order.
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    Try This/Shot Execution

    I had someone recently tell me to pay attention to the pros next time I watch a match and notice how they wait that 3-4 seconds before pulling the trigger versus an amateur. The more I thought about it and observed others I realized that the same is true of the top local players in my area.
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    REWARD + GoFundMe Acct. to catch Mike Surber's murderer

    His sister in law read his manifesto and showed his brother and both recognized the Unibomber's style and beliefs. There are currently 68 unsolved homicides in my state and we're #47 population wise.
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    NIels Feijen YT Channel

    I subscribed to Niels channel after the first video I saw of his. He definitely provides good advice. I also think I've watched a few matches where he totally falls apart. It was good to see it happens to even the best and not just guys like me.
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    Cornhole championship on right now on CBS

    How about pool tournaments having side bets on a beanbag toss, one into each hole. Kinda liven things up for a bit, like the challenges where you get to try and land on a bunch of paper money laid around the table.
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    Cornhole championship on right now on CBS

    The first time I heard that word I was about 12 and my dad picked up me and a bunch of friends from the movie theater. We got home and realized my twin brother wasn't in the car. Dad drops the other kids off and while were racing back to the theater he says "Some pervert coulda picked him up...
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    Pool table refurb

    Great job. That looks really good and you'd never know it was outside.
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    Cheating a coin chute? Is this possible?

    My boy scout troop met in a firehouse that had a pop machine that dispensed upright bottles. You slide the bottle over to a spot and it would unlock the release after you put coins in. Ha, we all brought straws and just removed the cap and sucked the soda out of the bottle while they were...
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    Sportmanship question (let me put on my flack jacket....)

    Pool is a mental game. I'd let them shoot it and call the foul. If they are like me they'll be beating themselves up mentally for a few shots after that and hand me the game. Everyone here has likely lost a game due to a mental error, it hurts but it is part of the game.
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    Weather check............

    32* here in Anchorage, Alaska today! I truly feel bad for people who don't know how to handle cold, snow & ice and those with no power. Stay safe everyone.
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    43 to old to start?

    I hope the OP kept with it since 2003. He is probably a decent player these days.
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    Rodney Morris Hall of fame??

    I think many people are in the Hall of Fame for many sports that weren't really the greatest at their perspective sports. People who promote the sport, people who bring others into the sport, people who mentor and coach others. Many ways to end up in a sports hall of fame.
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    Best affordable break cue

    Rhino jump/break, around $90.