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  • TX BAD BOY...thanks but Friday I purchased a Dan Dishaw custom cue. I was torn between a Schon and Dan's cues. Since Dan lives about 40 minutes from my house that made my final decision easier.
    JA=Johnny Archer

    happy new years buddy,



    Glad I could answere your question, awalys glad to help.
    Thanks alot...this would be a sick match...love to see it. wonder if they could make it happen in vegas around the time BCA is out there...huge crowd for that. could probably make a ton at say 20 per ticket in one of the grand pavilion ball rooms
    yeah that would be great...i definately will holler at you. my wife isnt going this year so i thought i would find some people to chill with. I see you on here alot although i do more reading than writing.
    i live in Vegas/LA for the past 17 years, I'm going to be moving out of Vegas-the economy is toast there, However I would guess there is a 60% chance I will be there in May. Forsure I like to meet up with you, when it gets that time send me a message right here or email me, my email is all over this site as is my phone number, just find me. We will have fun, dont hesitate to call me or contact me anytime. I'm in Germany now I'm back to the states on monday,

    have a great new years eve and year!!!


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