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  • Thanks for the info, I actually played in some of those korean/american friendship tournaments with many korean females from seoul. It was fun.
    I love the gun in your avitar, I have a wilson combat premier grade, Its a full size 1911. They sure have raised their prices I paid $2795 for mine 4 years ago and I thought that was expensive until I recieved it and saw the amount of work, it is smooth as glass and shoots so accuratly its kinda boaring to shoot. It goes with me everywhere. Now the same gun is $4300ish-which is just too much $$$. It has a great finish on it-the blueing has never wore down a bit and the silver looks as new(my gun has the exact colors as your avitar) I hope you own that gun its a dandy for sure. Its the best hand gun I have ever owned.

    happy Sunday,

    best regards

    Eric Petersen
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