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  • Dear friend!
    Please go here http://wh.gov/5Jmn to sign a petition to the White House, calling for them to investigate and condemn forced organ harvesting in China. Although the 25,000 signatures have been reached, but some signatures on the petition may come from CCP agents. We just have 2 days more, so your sign is extremely important for us right now.
    Thank you very much!

    Video The Messenger: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUt3A55e_pA
    yes I live here in Vegas and Los Angeles as well. Mike Was going to bring you to my house here one day, we all get together and play a couple times a year, I have a big room with a table in it so there is room for lots of players. Its just social like that video you posted on the carom table. We will meet each other sooner than later and have some fun, Mike is a great friend of mine, i'm sure we will be as well.

    great video's, I'm very good friends with Mike. Infact I was the first person to telll mike about you last year maybe 2 years ago it was along time ago. I asked mike if he saw any of your youtube videos. He didnt at that time, I told him that you were the best Masse' shot player I had ever seen and showed him some of your shots-of course I didnt do them but described them to him. I didnt see mike for about 6 or 8 months and I asked him if he saw your video, he did by then. He seemed a bit sceptical when I told him all the new shots you thought up, with the tiny table, bike wheel, triple masse' shots etc. But after he saw them he said "You sure wernt kidding about (you)". He was going to bring you over for a visit when you were in Vegas but it didnt work out-hopefully next time, ask Mike about me Eric/Fatboy. I look foward to meet you,

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