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    Sugartree for sale: Olivewood/Black Palm

    Hello everyone! I am putting up my Olivewood and Black Palm Sugartree cue for sale. The cue has a Bethlehem Olivewood forearm and butt sleeve. The handle is Black Palm. There is checkered ring work on A B and E made from Koa and phenolic. Collars and Butt cap are brown phenolic. It...
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    FS: Cocobolo Joss AJ-4 w/ 2 Shafts (one old growth)

    FS: Cocobolo Joss AJ-4 w/ 2 Shafts (one old growth) Reduced! PRICE REDUCED 160$ Shipped within the US Free Joint protectors Hello Everyone, I have decided to sell my Joss AJ-4. It is a great playing cue made of cocobolo. The cocobolo itself has some beautiful figures in it and a...
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    Joss Shaft for sale 70$ shipped- No Tip

    Hello everyone, I have for sale an original Joss Shaft for 70$ shipped. The shaft has only been used one time and has very little blueing. The tip has been removed and sanded down by a professional tip changer. I had the tip removed thinking I was going to install another tip but changed...
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    9 Ball Break question/problem

    Hey everyone! I have a question about my 9 ball break that I wanted some help and opinions on. When I set up for my break it is always from the box and I bridge off the rail. I often get some powerful breaks and sink at least 2 balls. But the problem is this, I am trying to work on...
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    APA Jumpshot Regulations

    Hey everyone, I wanted to see if there was a rule stating at what skill level a player has to be in order to be allowed to attempt a jump-shot in the APA. I read through the rulebook and I did not find any information on this. The general consensus at league night is that you have to be...
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    APA Playoff Elligibility Question

    Hey everyone, I wanted to ask a question to other APA members. The team I am on is about to play in the Cities playoffs next month. We had a player on the team that played for our team for many sessions. The one session that he took off, our team made the playoffs and won elligibility for...