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  • Hello sir!
    Are you interested in this Hercek?
    thank you for your offer. I used to own that cue and it’s very nice. I’m going to pass on it.
    Take care
    I HAD A QUESTION , looking at this cue look right at end of wrap , dunno what you cakk that area but does that veneer look all messed to you ? or i might have bad eyes ssssssssssssssss.jpg
    That looks like it’s just the glare of the picture to me.
    im sure it’s fine. Ask for another pic to be sure.
    let me ask you as i know your a big cue guy , this guy sent pic of a supposed 2000 barry cue , now to me this looks like a scratched on with a nail , not something a szamboti would sign like this . my spidey senses tingling


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    That looks original to me. Thats how Barry does it. It’s not meant really to be seen.
    Hi i would like to purchase a black one, #1-2 if these are still available
    if available, let me know payment details please
    I am interested in a couple cases with fellini style latches. a 1x2s . A number 4 and 5. Please advise payment info. Thank you.
    What's up Troy this is Russ. Do you have any cases your looking to get rid of? I remember some sweet ones you used to bring in but might be a little on my high side. I'm looking to spend around $500 range. Give me a call if you want. Anyway I'll prob see you at the Merriville State Tourney the end of the month if you show up. Have a good one. 815-530-5227
    Sorry to bother you can you give me information on Hercek cues I'm more interested on how they play can you tell me how they play compared to Southwest cues even your personal opinion would be great thanks. Mike
    Just bought a beautiful Lambros from Troy – a real pleasure doing business with him, couldn't be happier.
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