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    No where else, you're stealing. Next up.

    Do you like to watch the best of the best compete with an understanding of what's really happening? Of course, you do, and it's attainable with the streams that Ray " Big Truck" Hansen delivers to the pool world at an unbelievable low cost. Ray Hansen is a professional in every sense of the...
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    Calling azbilliards out.

    Cliff Joyner as we all should know by now has taken a stroke; he's not doing well. I have read some false reports on Cliff's status as many of you others may have read that he's doing well, which is total bullshit. Cliff is in the hospital in good spirits because he knows no other way. Yes, an...
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    Jimmy Fusco Memorial Service

    I'm packing getting ready to travel to the city of Brotherly Love to attend the service which is at Peties pool room Sunday April 2nd. at 7:00 pm. located at 4432 Bristol Rd Trevose Pa. It would be great to see as many as mine and Jimmy's friends as possible at the service i'm sure it will be...
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    2017 “Make-It-Happen” One-Pocket Invitational

    2017 “Make-It-Happen” One-Pocket Invitational June 8-11, 2017 For the 10th edition of our MIH series, six super-talented professional players were selected to compete in this year’s Accu-Stats’ “Make-It-Happen” One-Pocket Invitational. They are: • Efren Reyes Defending “One-Pocket Champion” •...
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    LED pool table lights

    Who manufactures the best LED lights for a pool table regulation size? Need hooked up with someone that knows their stuff.:D And a little discount never hurts.:happydance: Thanks Bill Incardona
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    SJDinPhx..clearing things up

    Dick, back in the day when he was playing his best it took a player like Ronnie Allen to beat him, Dick was clearly one of the best back then...back in the day. Because of that I believe that he put possibly too much value on the top players back then. I'm certainly not implying that they were...
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    The "Skinny"

    You can dice it, slice it, and chopp it, but at the end it will still come out as what it is.:wink: Reyes was and should be regarded as the best one pocket player that has ever played the game, period. Not only does his practically unblemished record insinuate that, his record against all the...
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    Make It's on

    PLAYERS Reyes.... This man never ceases to amaze us, he's simply the best ever. Even at his age he's one of the favorites to win this event Don't pass up the opportunity to watch the best ever, you never know when you'll have another opportunity. June2nd thru June5th. VanBoening....Former U.S...
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    Mr. Olinger

    I would like to make a public apology to Mr. Olinger for not getting his name right in the finals of the bank pool tournament at the Derby City Classic. I have never seen nor have I ever heard of Olinger and I believed I was told that his name was Bolinger, maybe not but I really believed I was...
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    Allow me to plug what's great for pool and us.(again) "Make It Happen"One Pocket..June 25th thru 28th In all the "Make It Happen" events Accu-Stats tries to invite the best players in the world, however, the people who purchase the package for $300 will have a right to choose four of the...
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    The best is yet to come.."Make It Happen"

    This will be imo the best of the "Make It Happen" productions. ;) Unlike past "Make It Happen" events we are going to have a ..FINALS MATCH.. The top two players with the best overall win % will face off one another in the finals. In the event there is a tie for the best winning % there will...
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    Can't see the forest for the trees.

    Danny Smith It is what it is, trying to make something else out of it by speculating is only fooling your self. Chris Gentile is a very strong one pocket player, that has never been questioned, but he can be beaten. Gentile is a very smart player and plays to his strengths when able to...
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    Tuscon family attorney help!

    Can any one help me attain a family lawyer in Tuscon Ariz., my son is fighting for custody of his one year old son. Please pm me with any recommendations that you may have to help me with this. Thank you. Bill Incardona
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    Freddie "The Beard" Bentivegna A true legend

    Freddie has been my closest friend in the pool world for over 55 years, and there will never be, nor has there ever been any one more dedicated in preserving the history of the players that played our great game than The Beard. He has spent 57 of his 73 years of his existence playing and writing...
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    The Make It Happen All Star Event

    Go to Accu-stats online and purchase the stream for the best event in years..The Make It Happen All Star Event. Featuring the greatest players on Planet Earth. Dennis Orcollo Thorsten Hohmann Darren Appleton Shane Van Boening Play starts on April 15th thru April 20th. Round Robin straight...