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  • Hey the guy who just bought the stl 5..just wanted to touch base with you..received it tuesday..and its great..thanks so much!..i have tried like 6 times to leave you positive feedback and it always says incorrect information..i will try to figure it out and get it posted for you..once again..thanks so much for a smooth are a very good seller!!..lane
    You might remember, I bought a Schon STL-5 from you a year or so ago. I have been playing with my son's 60" cue with a G10 radial pin, and an OB classic shaft 12.75 mm.
    Do you have a 30" butt only with a G10 pin? or a Jacoby cue 60" with the G10 radial pin and a LD shaft. Not looking for fancey cue, just a solid player. Merry widow with a wrap and the G10 radial would work.
    Kevin Lyons
    Could you please send me pictures and prices on all the joss cues you have for sale at 2095137926. Thanks
    Chuck, how are you buddy? We did a couple deals before as you may recall. I'm interested in doing another if you have something of interest to me. PM me here and lets talk Schon cues. Thanks, Jeff
    I am waiting for reply from Croatia Escrow Service for exchanging cues. I only send items to this person, bar nothing else. I pay $ 25.00 for him to check my cue out and the other person also pays $ 25.00 to have his cue checked out. The Escrow person then waits for shipping fee to be sent to him and he sends cues onto destinations. Not sure what to say, other than be safe and use this person. Let me know what you think.
    I am looking into a solution for you on your Thor Hammer.
    Hello my friend Chuck!
    can you help with an advice please? i have 2 problems
    I want to make a trade wit a guy from Croatia Mile Parenta on Az is player52. i will give a Schon CX 1 for a Prather custom all black , back and front ebony and full cored . My problem is how i make this trade? you know a safe way to do this? or maybe you know the guy?
    I buy from you an Joss THOR HAMMER and a good friend take 1 month ago my butt to try and because he like so much he give me this Shon CX1 butt . my problem is i still have the original shaft with original tip from THOR HAMMER and i need a Good break butt for this shaft with 5/16-14 pin. Can you help me? I find also a Mike Gulyassy Sledgehammer break cue only test hit with 306 $ so i don't know what to do. to buy this and sell my Joss shaft or to keep more for a good break Butt with 5/16-14. Thanks a lot and sorry for disturb you. I really trust you and Your advices helps me all the time.
    Best regards
    not sure, but please leave mm size of your playing shaft, 12.75 mm or 11.75 mm, which do you need in the uni lock joint.
    Hello Chuck!
    First I want to tell you i'm very happy with the cue's I buy from you Pechauer jump cue and joss thor I want to ask you if is possible to help me with a point of view about new jacoby shaft hybrid because I trust you (you said also about the pechauer jump cue is amazing and is true I can jump very easy with this cue) so if you have good words about this shaft I want to buy but from you if is possible.
    Best regards and many greetings from Bucharest
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