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  • I would watch a man practice for an hour and if he missed more than one time I knew he couldn't beat me. ~~Wimpy Lassiter~~
    Hey i won the tournament.i talked to charlie williams and he is updating the list tomorrow and zion might not be on it.charlie said he hasnt decided yet what to do since zion was already invited and he played at drexeline which messed up everybody elses chance to qualify which ruined the whole tourney for most of the field..what an asshole zion is.he was trying to be sneaky.a couple of the players i talked to are very upset abot zion playing and i hope charlie takes a stand and doesnt let zion play.what about the players entry fees from drexeline?should they all get there money back.i think at least all the players that played zion should get a refund.this is the kind of shit that ruins pool for all of us.go back to israel and do shit like that there not here.anyways i feel ready and i want to play.see you there.
    Thanks for remembering.
    Your friend,
    bobby chamberlain
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