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    Spare Accessories For Sale

    Hi all, Trying to sell off all my spare tips and accessories. All of them are brand new unless otherwise stated. I'm actually more interested in selling these to Asia counterparts since I'm also in Asia but at the same time, I'm open to others as well. Most of them are actually purchased from...
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    WTS: Spare Jeff's Milkdud, Ki Tech & Ultraskin Among Asia Once

    WTS: Spare Cue Tips Hi all, As mentioned in thread title, I have enough of the above tips to last me a life time. After separating the ones I need, I still have just a little left with me. They're not very known or liked in my country thus I'm trying my luck to see whether any others in Asia...
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    Tip Press

    Hi all, Okay so I recently purchased Picone's tip press as I wanted to try to make myself some milkduds. I'm wondering, anyone of you have unevenness at the bottom when you fit everything and chuck it on the lathe or even a bench press/vice? I don't know whether there's an issue with mine or am...
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    Recommend Online Snooker Shops

    Hi all, Was wondering whether there are any snooker pro shops in US that has competitive pricing? Most of the shops I've come across are usually online pool shops.
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    Collectible Chalks For Sale

    Cancelled. Sorry.
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    Threaded Ivory Ferrule

    Sorry for the post.
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    LF: 3/8" Uniloc & 3/8x11 Driver Pins

    Found. Thank you very much.
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    Diamondback Tip Venom

    Hi all, Anyone of you knows where to get the above mention in US? I've been searching for quite some time in the Asia region and there isn't any for sale. Cheers, x3dnd3x
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    Cue Sealer You've Bought Which Is Safe To Ship Internationally?

    Hi all, My sealer has finished. Currently looking for a new affordable sealer. Anyone of you here ever ship sealer internationally by air? Previously I purchased a cue sealer from Unique but it got confiscated as it has flammable content in it. Please help. :(
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    About Tip Presser

    Hi all, Anyone of you here uses a tip presser? I bought 1 recently and I have no idea how to get the tip out. I believe I might have twist it a little too much and now the tip is stuck inside.
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    I don't get how he trim it with a penknife?

    Hi all, I came across this video few months back and have tried doing the method this cue repairman is using which is using a penknife to trim down a tip flushed to the ferrule. I tried for a month or so but still am unable to do it. Hell I even got the same penknife which is a Xacto penknife...
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    Morakami Cue Tips

    Hi all, Anyone of you here uses Morakami cue tips? I tried their Black series before and felt their SS and S are way softer than the usual. They have now started out with Brown and Clear series. Seems like they're the Kamui Black contender.
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    LF: Ajay Chalks

    Closed Closed 10char
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    LF: Blue Triangle chalks made by Kieckhefer

    Found 10char
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    Possible To Still Buy Pre Flag Masters?

    Hi all, Just wondering is it still possible to get the blue ones? Like email Tweetens and ask?