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    Predator 314 shaft 5/16 x 14 original

    I have an Original predator in great condition. 5/16 x 14 piloted. 12.7 mm. And a new tiger sniper tip. No dents or dings. 190 shipped. I hate to do this but if not bought soon its goin to the dreaded ebay!!
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    Predator 314 shaft 5/16 x 14 original

    I have a great condition early 314 with a new sniper tip. Original 12.7 mm taper. No dings or dents. 5/16 x 14 piloted pin. If nobody claims this shaft it will have to go to the dreaded ebay. $200 shipped.
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    xxxxPredator 314 original shaft 5/16x14 cattedxxxx

    I have original 314 shaft. 5/16x14 piloted (schon joss etc..)New sniper tip. Original taper. No dings. Good condition. $200.
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    predator z2 5/16x14

    I have a predator z2 for sale. will take 115 firm.
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    size weight type of measle used in us open?

    Does anyone know the size weight and type of measle played in the open or any other major event. I'm gonna buy a measle but i wanna buy the one that plays the best.
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    mike davis is playing stevie moore live right now!! go to brass taps facebook page!

    Its on ustream the link is on brass tap and billiards facebook page. or if you get on ustream its pool hall barbies stream!
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    wtb jb ultimate rugged 3x6

    I would like to buy a jb ultimate rugged 3x6. All i can find is 2x5 and 3x4. I wanna buy new.
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    predator 314 pre cat 5/16x14 12.5mm taper

    I have for sale a pre cat shaft. 5/16X14 12.5mm taper. taper seems to be extended a little. not much left of a sniper tip. its not in great condition but it hits great. hers the link.
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    Is there a production cue that has 5/16x14 piloted wood to wood

    I have all the shafts i like in 516x14 piloted. I wanna see how they would hit on something other than the stainless steel joint. i can't find any production cue that has this joint in wood or phenolic. does anyone know
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    Looking For predator 314 shaft 5/16 x14 in 30"

    Would like to buy a predator 314 catted or precat in 30" 5/16 x 14 piloted. Looking for it to be the original 12.7 mm taper. And original ferrule. Will pay top dollar.
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    ****Ted Harris Cue $415 shipped!!! DEAL TIME****

    Ready to unload. 415 shipped.
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    Wtt Ted Harris Custom for 2 predator shafts

    I have a mint ted harris custolm i want to trade. Looking for 2 excellent condition precat or catted 314 shafts in a 5/16 x 14 pin. 12.75 mm preferred. 30" shaft preferred .
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    Ted Harris Custom Cue **Very Nice** Mike Davis personal cue.

    have a played with once ted harris custom cue. The cue is in magnificent condition. Rings are beautiful. Made out of purpleheart i believe. But this hand selected peice doesn't look outrageously pink or "girly". The wood looks great. its a slick finish with no dings or dents or even signs of...
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    wtt ob classic radial 30" for 314 5/16x14

    Shaft is ob classic radial and is brand new. selling my radial pin cue. i want a predator shaft for 5/16 x 14 preferred a 30" shaft. or cash offers on the shaft. shaft is straight and solid.
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    Ted Harris Custom Cue + New OB Classic

    I have a like new ted harris custom cue. its mrade of purpleheart wood but has more of a brown than a purple look. it doesn't look girly. Beautiful wood used. finish is flawless with no sign of use. butt weighs 15.4 and shaft weighs 4 oz. black linen wrap. it also comes with a brand new ob...