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  • Ken, it will be some weeks, 4-6 before I can predict success to get you a shaft. I don't need a shaft from you, just the length, joint diameter, and whether it is a flat-faced or piloted joint. I will have to special order it from the factory that is building my shafts. If they have a mold should be no problem, but if they have to build one it would be costly.
    Not sure you got the right target, Steve. I am not a "Ken" of any type. The carbon shafts I will offer are matched to my cues, so they are dimensioned and fit accordingly, i.e. 0.880 joint and my standard wood threads. I may be able to get a shaft for you but I would need the exact joint diameter and length you wish.
    Hi Steve,
    On your website I see you are advertising a BL2, and a DS1 carom cues with no further information; like specs, price, shafts included etc. It seems a few years ago, I had asked the same of some cues you had listed. As I recall, you said then, Basil just told you to list the cues involved and that no other info was available or provided. Whats up?
    Hi Steve: I am disappointed not to see the table you are selling posted on Cue2u.com. The number of tables posted on the site is slowly growing and your table's ad would be a welcome addition. GE
    hi steve i have sent you a email to trafficcontrolcaroms@yahoo.com please check and reply thank you
    I am helping you promote for Molinari ....now I am gonna ask you for discount ,,, lolll
    Hi steve, the weekend wil be great. I ll call you on saturday ,if it ok for u.

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