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    Cue ID Please

    I'm not sure what this is... originally I thought maybe a Meucci but I didnt see it anywhere in their catalog.
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    McDermott Stinger Jump/break fs

    Still in the package never been touched. Looking for $210. They are selling for $230 online right now.
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    APA still give jackets?

    Finally won my way back to Vegas for singles and I’m wondering if anyone that went last year knows if they still give jackets as part of the package? I’m really hoping they do as I love the jackets but I heard a nasty rumor they have started giving backpacks instead.
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    Meucci Quantum Value

    Never seen one of these before and I am interested in value. I am also having a hard time finding any information online about this cue. Can anyone tell me if Palmer ever collaborated with Meucci?
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    Any BK Rush Reviews

    Getting my new BK Rush hopefully sometime this week and I was wondering if there are any reviews out there. Not many floating around right now from what I've been able to google and only 1 video review. Anyone that has had the cue for a while now I would love to hear your thoughts. Specifically...
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    5th Anniversary Autism Tournament

    We are holding our 5th annual random draw scotch double Autism Awareness tournament this coming weekend down in Holyok, MA Ivory Billiard pool hall. The flyer speaks for itself but we look to get donations every year from various cuemakers. This year we have donations from Lomax, AV Cues, and a...
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    Wtb bk rush

    Looking to buy a BK Rush but looking to see if there are any dealers out there that can help with a deal. PM me- cash is in hand.
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    Worth on my Zinzola

    Ok let me start by saying I'd rather this not deteriorate into drama. That being said, Zinzola recently retired from making cues and apparently I got the last one he ever made. What does this do to the value if anything?
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    McDermott Cue ID Plz

    Just bought these 2 cues off someone and I'm wondering the value. I looked through the McDermott website and could find some stuff close but not 100%. I'm wondering the value for them on the secondary market. The light brown one has a custom shaft made for it by an unknown (it actually has a...
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    What percentage of people are actually 6/7

    Was just thinking and wondering. Does anyone know what percent of the player base would be considered a 6/7 handicap in apa? And yes I know most people think the apa sucks blah, blah, blah.
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    Worst rule I've ever heard of

    So I'm playing in this last pocket tournament and both my opponent and I are on the hill. I call a bank shot that is very hard and make it but before the 8ball goes in the pocket I called the cueball hits his last ball in the corner pocket. They tell me I lost the rack and match because my...
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    Barry retiring from us open

    Just saw this posted on Darren Appleton's newsfeed:
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    Why is Ivory still considered an ok material in the pool world

    There is so much documentation about how bad the ivory trade is for elephants and yet we in the pool world still consider it a plus to have in a cue. The uncomfortable question for many people here is, 'why when there are so many other materials that simulate Ivory is there a demand for the...
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    WTT OB pro+ for OB pro

    I have a very slightly used 3/8-10 OB classic pro+ shaft and I am looking to trade it for a first generation OB Classic pro (new or only slightly used) with a radial joint.
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    Cue weight change

    I recently got a high end cue and I love it but the weight distribution is very different from my old cue. The new cue has much more weight throughout the whole butt. My concern is that if I have the cue maker take out the weight bolt it will make the butt more front weighted. I will also be...